Dr. Darlene Rivera,  Clinical Psychologist 

American Psychology Consultants and Multicultural Services

                                Enhancing your Chances

Services:                 • Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy 

                                • Short Term Marriage and Family Counseling 

                                • Biofeedback and Relaxation Training 

                                • School Evaluations and Testing 

                                • Competency and Forensic Evaluations   

Personal problems at home, work, marriage, with children and extended grief are some causes that may cause you to feel emotional instability, fatigue and the sense that you are struggling in life.  Chronic stress is also a leading cause of complex health problems that interfere with your balance, harmony and ability to make daily decisions and to feel you are not enjoying your life.  Also, stress affects your ability to find happiness and joy in everyday situations.  It has been linked to performance problems, social alienation, mental health symptoms and physical illnesses.  Anxiety, depression, weight gain, infertility, sleep disorders,  cardiovascular among others, are some of the common effects of not managing stress effectively.  

We refer to "quality of life" to describe the level of enjoyment in our life, opportunities and how much we enjoy spending time with our loved ones.  Through therapy you may challenge your beliefs, sort your struggles, find your answers, empowerment and your purpose in life to achieve and enjoy life the best way you can.  It's a place where you can vent your concerns, receive validation without the repercussions of social judgment.  

My hope for all my clients is that we discover together the imbalance; whether is emotional, spiritual, or psychological that continues to challenge our well-being.  My goal is to help you relieve distress, gain insight, learn and utilize healthy coping skills.

Some areas that may be explored in therapy are:

·                   1.   Assertiveness and communication

·                     2.       Identify and explore negative and automatic thoughts.

·                     3.       Managing stress and implementing relaxation throughout the day.

·                    4.        Coping with medical conditions, prolonged treatment and diagnosis.



Fees may vary according to services provided or needed 



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